Hyun Bin's Girlfriend or Ex-Girlfriend

I didn't want to blog about this for months. However, I have decided that this a part of Hyun Bin that deserves some recording. Afterall, I have declared myself as his fan.
Since months ago, words were spreading that Hyun Bin was attached. Yes, to the horror of many female fans. However, many of us, including me, rational enough to give him our blessings.
However, the relationship did not last... More news surfaced...
It came as such:
1. News of the two at a ski resort broke out... 23rd Feb popseoul
2. Hyun Bin posted an explanation to his fans. He was really honest. He stated that he was interested in that girl but they were still getting to know each other... In his explanation, he stated that he was overseas and was caught by surprise by this news... 27th Feb popseoul
3. That girl started to openly talk about the relationship and even posted an entry in her blog speaking "directly" to Hyun Bin. This led to everyone confirming that they were an item. 13th March popseoul
4. They broke up just after the news broke out that she was with Hyun Bin. However, this break up was only announced in May, 2 months after they broke up. 1st May popseoul

Okay, here's my take of the whole event.
1. They were together. Hyun Bin was open and honest about it. They were most probably at the beginning of their relationship... Rocky stage.
2. Many said that the girl was making use of Hyun Bin because of his popularity. Reality is such that after the announcement by Hyun Bin and her open declaration, the girl did get more publicity and endorsement deals.
3. However, I think both of them did not want things to turn sour. The girl did benefit from the relationship, but who can judge that she was not serious? She could have been serious but was perhaps too eager to declare Hyun Bin as hers. Hence, causing such great publicity.
4. Hyun Bin was definitely serious about the girl to tell his fans that he was interested in her. This could have jeopardised his career.
5. All in all, I believe they must have parted for good. That girl got her fame because of Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin got confirmation on his image that he was a gentleman and a man who could be seriously in love, even to the extent of losing his career.

After this whole episode, I guess Hyun Bin will be concentrating on his career for now. I guess that's good for all the fans who are eager to see more of him.

In ending note, I hope fans will support him no matter who he is with. Just like Hyun Bin as who he is. Just like his works. Just like his smiles. Just like him. He is only a human with emotional needs too.


Passer-by said...

I agree with you. We will support Hyun Bin regardless whether he is attached or not.

Queen of Snow said...

I hope all Hyun Bin's fans will never abandon him...

HB FANS said...

yeah I completely agree with you.
at first I knew about his girl, that's quite , you know .. way of be offended.
but after reading his honest post about their relationship, I've came to be glad to learn that he is just right as gentleman and really honestly.
I still surely love him ^_^

**Hyun Bin FIGHTING~~!!

PiZza said...

I love Hyun Bin!!I will neve let u down!!m here 4 u!!